A Conversation With Elliot S. Maggin from Bleeding Cool

From Ramon Gil:
For decades, writer Elliot S. Maggin and I have had a rather one-sided relationship. Not only was he responsible for most of my childhood reading consumption, Superman comics in the ’70s, but he was also the author of the first two novels I ever read as a kid. Years later, as I was starting out as a comic book illustrator, it turned out that the husband of one of my be ...


How does Superman fly?

For a long time I’ve supposed that Superman has a good many capacities that he’s not yet aware of. Kryptonians aren’t like the rest of us. They’re not bound by the dimensional constraints we’re used to. I’m not sure this new “super-flare” idea is in line with that notion, but listen: We Earth folk are four-dimensional creatures in an 11-dimensiona ...


Realism is Unrealistic

There’s nothing realistic about what’s growing in comics. What you appear to be asking about is rather cynicism and a dismissive sentiment with regard to the examination of the moral and ethical choices that came to characterize comics during a more traditional period. With regard to realism: I’ve got a friend who wrote Superman stories for a while before I did – wonderf ...


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