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The final installment of Last Son of Krypton.
It all comes together.
Chapters 34, 35 and 36, and the Epilogue.
February 19 2019.

An introductory bonus episode. Elliot reads a little chunk of Miracle Monday and talks about what’s to come.
Time traveling college girls who love chest hair. (“I can make this stuff up.”)
August 1 2018

Elliot reads the beginning of Superman: Miracle Monday. The Journal, Thanksgiving and Graduation.
August 13 2018

Chapter three of Superman: Miracle Monday wherein we meet C.W. Saturn the agent of Hell on Earth, and Kristin Wells, a history graduate student from the 29th century who is in training to travel to Metropolis in the days of Superman.
August 21 2018

Superman saves Metropolis from a tidal wave and Luthor holds a press conference from a maximum security cell to announce his imminent escape.
And Elliot talks to his pal Tommy.
August 28 2018

Clark and Lois try to set up Kristin with Jimmy Olsen but she runs off with Steve Lombard because she’s impressed with his chest hair. And Lex Luthor walks through a wall.
September 4 2018

“Now let me show you how to write action ...”
September 11 2018

Superman gets a warning of what’s to come from Max Maven, the mentalist at the Magic Castle. In the calm before the conflagration Superman and Lois go out to dinner.
September 18 2018

The earliest origins of Lexcorp. Luthor contrives to buy a large piece of futuristic machinery disguised as artwork that he created and planted for safekeeping in the sculpture garden of the Museum of Modern Art.
September 25 2018

A demon from Hell makes a deal to get a valuable token from Luthor and Superman has just too much to do.
October 2 2018

The demon takes full possession of Kristin, the Itching Sickness breaks out all over the world, Saturn unleashes scads of disasters and assaults a newsroom full of pundits, including Clark Kent, in a television studio. We really leave our hero hanging out to dry this time.
October 9 2018

With the death of Clark Kent, Superman feels lost. And we spend a few moments talking about another kind of spiritual loss as well.
October 23 2018

In the wake of the death of Clark Kent and encroaching chaos on Earth authored by a demon in possession of the body of the innocent Kristin Wells, the world considers the fate of the planet and that of Kristin herself.
October 30 2018

Big fight: Superman versus the devil.
November 6 2018

The thirteenth and final installment of Superman: Miracle Monday.
Reckonings, conclusions and one estimable miracle.
November 13 2018

Beginning Elliot’s classic superhero novel, Last Son of Krypton. A planet blows apart, a space probe lands on a window sill in New Jersey and a prophesy ancient beyond time presages inevitable doom.
The prologue and the first three chapters.
November 21 2018

The story moves from ancient Smallville to Eighties Metropolis.
We meet the adult Clark Kent and Lois Lane and speculate on the nature of their relationship.
Last Son of Krypton chapters 4 and 5, and Significant and Enduring Theme number 1.
November 27 2018

Lex Luthor steals the last bequest to the world of Professor Albert Einstein by distracting Superman
with a platoon of hang-gliders intent on plundering downtown Metropolis.
Last Son of Krypton chapters 6, 7 and 8.
December 4 2018

On a faraway world, the mercantile center of countless civilizations for hundreds of light-years around,
a wealthy slavemaster plots to build an interstellar real estate empire.
And on Earth, Superman agonizes over Luthor's having gotten the best of him in a petty theft.
There's more.
Last Son of Krypton chapters 9, 10 and 11.
December 11 2018

Luthor struggles with a succession of employees trying to get the stolen Einstein document translated,
and Superman deals with the return of Towbee the space minstrel to Metropolis.
Last Son of Krypton chapters 12, 13 and 14.
December 18 2018

A master thief gets ripped off and has to go to his arch enemy for help,
and we learn more about Luthor and Superman’ past.
And Elliot talks about a threatening phone call that came about
as a result of this book’s original publication.
Chapters 15 and 16 of Last Son of Krypton: The Caper and The Contact.
December 26 2018.

The Guardians of the Universe have an important message for Superman
and they get it to him through characteristically unconventional means.
Also, a proposition for a major motion picture.
Chapters 17, 18 and 19 of Last Son of Krypton: Oa, The Sociologist and Old-Timer.
January 1 2019.

This is the buddy segment of the story. Superman and Luthor go together on a road trip to Oric,
the mercantile world orbiting Vega 28 light years from Earth, to track down the purloined Einstein document.
Chapters 20 and 21 of Last Son of Krypton: Pocantico to Vega and The Arrivals.
January 8 2019.

Luthor takes to life in the orbit of Vega like a gryzmish to gerstenzang. This is a guy used to thriving in stir. Meanwhile, Superman isn’t doing nearly as well. He’s about to come in contact with his mortality. Last Son of Krypton chapters 22, 23, Significant and Enduring Theme Number 2 and chapter 24.
January 15 2019.

You’d think powers and abilities far greater than those of mortal men would be enough, but no. The Creator of the Universe shows up to help – and we don’t mean Jerry and Joe.
Chapters 25, 26 and 27 of Last Son of Krypton and a few extras.
January 22 2019.

Here’s where the euphemism hits the proverbial. The Master has initiated his outrageous plan
and Superman and Luthor decide they are the team to stop him. And the game is afoot.
Last Son of Krypton chapter 28, 29, Significant and Enduring Theme Number 3, and chapters 30 and 31.
January 29 2019.

Superman tracks the Master back to Earth and finds that everyone at Clark Kent’s office is a zombie,
patiently waiting at their desks for the interstellar real estate developer to announce that he's taken possession of the Earth.
Chapter 32 and 33 of Last Son of Krypton and Significant and Enduring Theme Number 4 -
the penultimate episode of this series of podcasts.
February 12 2019.

The final installment of Last Son of Krypton.
It all comes together.
Chapters 34, 35 and 36, and the Epilogue.
February 19 2019.

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