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Last Son of Krypton cover An Enemy's Gift cover One Hundredth Birthday Not My Closet Miracle Monday cover Miracle Monday SDCC 2017 Special Edition Kingdom Come Generation X cover Superman Last Son of Krypton
Books  Superman: Last Son of Krypton
Superman: Miracle Monday (and the new cover)
Francis Parkman: Dakota Legend
Generation X
 with Scott Lobdell
Kingdom Come
Not My Closet
An Enemy’s Gift (SHORT WORKS - MAY 21 2018))
Last Son of Krypton - (JULY 17 2018)
Banners I: Saving Lincoln (MAY 20 2019)
Still Under Wraps - (JULY 21 2019)
Banners II: Lancer (MAY 18 2020)
Banners III: Tomorrow Belongs to Geralyn (MAY 17 2021)
Donegal Rules (MAY 16 2022)
Ross and Mikhail and the End of the World (MAY 22 2023)
Science Project
Superman: Miracle Monday is reissued
both on this site through Caveat Corner Books
and at Amazon.com and BN.com, with a new
cover by Ken Penders.
The audiobook version is on the way.

Meanwhile, check out this . (VERY rough – from a dry run.)

And here’s . I may actually use this one.

Short to Middling Prose  Mr. Konrad’s Miscalculation (Canadian Boy, 1968)
Luthor’s Gift (also here - and an ebook cover)
Starwinds Howl (and here)
For the Luvva Jack
A Thought Experiment

Comics  What Can One Man Do?
 Green Lantern/Green Arrow #87
Must There Be a Superman? (also here)
 Superman #247
The Living Legends of Superman
 Superman #400
The Einstein Connection /
The Ghost of Superman-Future
 Superman #416
A Superman Index
Tor Kinlok’s mostly complete collection of ES!M Superman material
including some online stories and other stuff

Scripts  Thirtysomething:
Northern Exposure: Mountains to Move
Batman:The Cape-and-Cowl Conspiracy
X-Men: Time Fugitives
Spider-Man: Make a Wish
One Glorious Summer
Junior Sheriff
Lois & Clark: The Ghost of Superman-Future
Odin the Warrior
The Man Without a Country
 with Ken Penders

(after a fashion) 
The Oaks Late of Dayton Canyon
Lost in Time
Kal-El Responds To Lucille
The Therapy Version
Volvo Mom

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