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Elliot S! Maggin

West Hills, California 91307




Novels                   Not My Closet;  Caveat Corner Books;  Amazon eBook 2016

Kingdom Come;  Warner Books;  hardcover/audio 1998;  paper 1999

Generation X; Berkley Boulevard Books;  paper 1997

Francis Parkman:  Dakota Legend;  Dell/Banbury Books;  paper 1983

Superman: Miracle Monday;  Warner Books;  paper 1981;  Science Fiction Book Club, Scholastic Book Club selection

Superman: Last Son of Krypton;  Warner Books;  paper 1979;  Literary Guild alternate (special hardcover edition); Science Fiction Book Club, Scholastic Book Club selection;  most paperback bestseller lists


Comic Books         Writer of roughly 500 comic book stories for DC, Marvel, Awesome, First, TSR, Archie and other comic book publishers, including a fifteen-year run as principal writer of Superman;  (1970 - )


Graphic Novels      Seduction of the Innocent;  Awesome Entertainment; 1998

The Blue, the Grey and the Bat; DC Comics;  1991

Total Recall; DC Comics; Film adaptation;  1989

                              Tree of Life;  DC Comics/Piranha Press (4 vols.);  1987-88

                              Atari Force: Star Raiders;  DC Comics/Atari;  1983


Film                        The Man Without a Country, (with Kenneth W. Penders II), 2004

Odin the Warrior, Marlboro Road Productions (Edward Burns), 2003

Thor, (ref: David Weiss Productions), 2002

Junior Sheriff;  Peacock Productions;  1996

                              One Glorious Summer;  Phase One Productions;  1995


Animation               Spider-Man: Make a Wish;  Fox Kids/Marvel Entertainment;  1996

X-Men:  Time Fugitives; Fox Kids/Saban Entertainment;  1995

Batman: Cape-and-Cowl Conspiracy;  Warner Bros Animation;  1993


Television               Superboy: The Asylum;  Salkind Productions/Fox Television;  1989


Software      ; creator/designer; 2004 –

                     /;  creator/designer of interactive online software enabling personal computers to “write”;  2000 –

                              Atari Inc.;  Timegate;  creator, designer and writer of a series of interactive narrative computer games blending graphics with text;  earliest known commercial application of interactive fiction;  1983-84


Ovation Speeches   speechwriting for selected clients in the political and entertainment fields;  1984 -




Publications            Andrew Zack;  The Zack Company;  New York


Film                        David R. Weiss;  David Weiss Productions;  Los Angeles, associated sites and material contained herein Copyright © #DateFormat("#Now()#", "yyyy")# by Elliot S! Maggin. All rights reserved.