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San Diego Comic-Con July 17 - 21 2019

I’ll be at table FF-03 in Artist’s Alley most of Comic-Con this year, flying the flag. My spot is next to my buddy Larry Houston. Last Son of Krypton, Miracle Monday, An Enemy’s Gift and Not My Closet are the books I’ll be hawking ...


Guess Who ... ?

Behind schedule but coming soon anyway ... But the invisible man who pops into my head the most is the guy in the gray prison fatigues. He spent his life in and out of prison, mostly getting slapped in there by the Alien and breaking out to pull off whatever hijinks he fancied in the moment. He was the guy who kept a collection of crazy mechanical devices – from a transport that travels u ...


How comics are going south

What you’ve got are a bunch of people who are in a marginally remunerative business only because they love it, each intent on establishing a personal legacy. So everyone who contrives to find himself in a position of some influence takes it upon himself to make massive changes. The problem is that what they are building upon is an enormous heritage of popular culture and public awareness, ...


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