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How comics are going south
Fri December 14, 2018
Piece from a Facebook post of 12/9/2018
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What you’ve got are a bunch of people who are in a marginally remunerative business only because they love it, each intent on establishing a personal legacy. So everyone who contrives to find himself in a position of some influence takes it upon himself to make massive changes.

The problem is that what they are building upon is an enormous heritage of popular culture and public awareness, the kind of foundation no amount of money can buy. Clark Kent is a more prominent journalist than Isikoff, Woodward, Hanity and Edward R Murrow for heaven’s sakes combined. Superman is more famous than the president – whoever is president. So when you walk into that house intent on changing everything you’re going to get blown away pretty surely.

The key is not to impose your notions of immortality on an immortal icon, but simply to build on the heritage in place. That’s what works. Nothing else does. The character's origin has been told and retold by better storytellers than you. So add to it; don’t start by throwing it out.


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Tue August 7, 2018
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Last Son of Krypton at SDCC
Tue July 17, 2018
New (old) release
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This is to thank #GoACLU and #ComicCon4Justice for dropping a catch basin on my table so my friends can stop yelling at me for charging nothing for signatures. I just say, “Put something in the bucket.”

New release May 21 2018
Tue May 15, 2018
An Enemy’s Gift
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Fri December 14, 2018 How comics are going south
Piece from a Facebook post of 12/9/2018
Tue August 7, 2018 Stitcher Link
One of the online content clearinghouses that carry Elliot’s podcast
Tue July 17, 2018 Last Son of Krypton at SDCC
New (old) release
Tue May 15, 2018 New release May 21 2018 (+1)
An Enemy’s Gift
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